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The Production Park Membership is a unique opportunity.

The UK's only dedicated live experience campus for entertainment ideas at scale.

It brings together immersive experiences, global stage & screen entertainment, real-time virtual production, education and innovation at the cutting edge.


Production Park Eco-System

Membership benefits:

  • Becoming a member gives you our top level of support.  This provides you with a high-profile platform to showcase your capabilities to key companies and stakeholders and gain industry recognition through your active association with the UK’s only dedicated live experience campus. 

  • Membership allows you to direct XPLOR’s research focus and capabilities and to commission projects of direct value to your business. 

  • Close engagement with our research teams will give you even greater benefits, as we can leverage your research investment to solve your challenges. 

  • Access to the only dedicated creative industry co-located education provider ALTech, with sponsorship and opportunities for engagement with emerging talent.

  • Working in collaboration with others and having access to the wide range of expertise at XPLOR reduces what might be prohibitively high costs and potential risks if you had to establish an in-house team to carry out the research on your own. 

  • Networking and access opportunities with our partners and production park customers.

  • Printed & Digital annual report

  • Access to results from all Tech Board Inclusive Projects and Directed Inclusive Projects.

  • Access to Symposium and Production Park Forum.

“Having direct access to the team at Production Park and the incredible research that is happening here is opening so many opportunities for us.”
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We offer two levels of membership, tailored to suit the needs of companies.  The annual membership fee contributes to our shared resources, including inclusive research projects.


Tier 1 Membership

Costs £200,000 per year in cash or in kind.

Tier 1 members have an individual seat on the XPLOR Main Board, giving them the opportunity to determine XPLOR’s strategy and the direction of its research, in addition to being able to access XPLOR’s R&D capabilities and the results of Board and Directed Inclusive Projects. They can also propose specific projects to the board for approval.


Tier 2 Membership

Costs £30,000 per year in cash or in kind.

Tier 2 members have access to XPLOR’s R&D capabilities, the results of Board and Directed Inclusive Projects and the opportunity for networking and supply chain development. 
Four board members represent all Tier 2 members.


If you would like to find out more about our facilities, please get in touch.

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